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Appliance Repair

Something not working, quite right? We specialize in repairing many different types of appliances, like the example below.


Bear Service offers expert appliance repair services in your home by our professional staff. Tired of the refrigerator shutting off? Disposal keep shutting down? Dishwasher having issues? Bear Service will come at a time that is convenient for you, diagnose the problem, and fix it right then and there with your approval! There are very few issues that we haven’t seen in 12 years of appliance service. We can fix the electric stove that has stopped working correctly, dishwashers that stopped cleaning your dishes thoroughly, diagnose why your washer and dryer are no longer doing their jobs - that way you can get back to normal life.



Because we know that your appliances reflect an investment of your finances, we are committed to our training. Our highly trained and professional staff will listen to all your questions, and get you and your appliance ‘back on its feet’ again.  We will talk you through our process and share as much details as you’d like. After all, it isn’t everyday you get to see the insides of your appliances! It helps if you are on site to walk us through the symptoms that you have been noticing - but if you have a busy work schedule, we can work around that.

Just give us a call to talk about your needs and we would be glad to serve you!



Not cooling like it used to? Ice maker not working correctly? Shelf broken?
We can diagnosis the problem and repair it in one week.



Oven not heating properly? Burner element out? We can provide an on-site estimate.



WaShing Machines

 Is your unit leaking or not spinning out correctly? Contact us today for a repair!

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