How To Know If Your HVAC Is In Need Of A Tune-Up

Air conditioning systems benefit from regular tune-ups.

Just as your heating system works great after a technician gives your furnace an annual tune-up, your AC system feels great after a similar tweaking, testing, and cleaning, too. Even after your system receives its tune-up, it’s also smart to purchase a service plan or schedule regular maintenance. This helps ensure that your bank account won’t be exhausted if your AC system develops any unexpected problems throughout the summer or warmer months.

Signs your AC system needs an AC tune-up.

When your cooling system isn’t performing as it should be, you’ will notice it pretty quickly. By scheduling regular tune-ups and keeping an eye on your system’s efficiency, you can save large amounts of money and multiple expensive repairs.

What signs should you look for if your AC hasn’t recently been evaluated? Here are some common signs that indicate it’s time for you to call in a professional.

  • Your system blows out hot or warm air instead of a refreshing chill
    When your AC unit is working harder to reach a specific temperature but doesn’t seem to get there, your energy bills will dramatically increase and the inefficiency will be very apparent. If you feel warm air pumping out of your system, you’ll know the unit is wasting electricity by trying to cool your home to your desired comfort temperature without results. This can be caused by many reasons, but a tune-up should solve the problem cheaply.
  • Your air pressure is very weak
    If the air coming from your AC vents is cool, but it’s doesn’t seem to be blowing out of the vents with its regular airflow or pressure, you may have leaky air ducts or a clogged filter. By scheduling a tune-up, you can mitigate the issue quickly before additional repairs are required.
  • Your home’s temperature doesn’t stay consistent from room to room
    If you encounter temperature changes in one room, but not another, it could be for a few reasons. A tune-up can solve this problem by having a tech look at the inner workings of your AC unit to determine the cause and product cost-effective solution.
  • You hear knocking or other strange noises that aren’t usually occurring
    If you’ve had your AC for past seasons, you should be familiar with its regular sounds. While each unit has its own operating noises, you’ll immediately know when something sounds off. If you do notice strange sounds coming from your unit, you may need a tune-up, as quickly as possible.

These are some common signs and symptoms you’ll want to be on the lookout for, especially if your AC hasn’t recently been serviced. If you’re in need of a tune-up still this season, call your friends at Bear Service! Now through May 31, 2021, we are offering $10 off a spring tune-up of your HVAC system. Schedule your tune-up today!

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