8 Step Guide To Refridgerator Maintenance

Did you know that you can do simple, regular maintenance to your refrigerator to help elongate its lifetime and keep it running efficiently and effectively? It’s true! We’re breaking down 8 steps you can take to keep your refrigerator maintenanced and running correctly.

1. Clean the coils

Although you may not see the coils, keeping them free of dust, debris, and dirt helps your refrigerator operate better and more efficiently. The coils can be found at the bottom or in the back of the unit. 

You can purchase a coil-cleaning tool for the job, but a vacuum cleaner attachment or a stiff brush can work, as well. Simple run the vacuum or cleaning brush over the coils and clean around them as best you can. We recommend cleaning your coils once or twice a year, especially if your home has a lot of dust or pet hair. 

2. Check the temperatures

Regularly check the temperature settings in your fridge and freeze units. 

The temperature is important for food safety and helps the fridge run efficiently. The friger area should be around 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a temperature gauge in your unit to check, you can purchase an refrigerator thermometer at most home improvement stores or appliance stores.

3. Regularly change the filter

Did you know that your water and ice components of your fridge have filters that need to be changed regularly? Like other filters, these get overused and need to be cleaned or replaced. Check your manufacturer’s instructions or their website for information on when and how to clean or change your filter for your specific model. Regularly changing your filters will help keep your ice maker and water dispenser clean and help these components run efficiently. Try changing your fridge’s filters when you change other filters around your home.

4. Keep the doors closed tightly

Not suprisingly, keeping your refrigerator door closed tight is one of the best ways to ensure your refrigerator is working properly. The refrigerator must work harder to maintain the correct temperatures when the door is opened frequently so keeping it closed helps regulate the temperature. Try getting everything you need out of the fridge in one swoop. You’ll also want to make sure the door is closed tightly when you’re done.

5. Cover your food

This one may not be obivious, but covering your food and leftovers can make an impact on your fridge’s performance. Store food in closable or sealed containers or wrap them in plastic wrap. Covering food will help minimize moisture in the unit, improving overall performance and efficiency.

6. Keep the fridge stocked

Although you don’t want to overfill your refrigerator or freezer, keeping them both stocked well will help the unit better stay cool and operate more efficiently. When you’re putting items in your refrigerator and freezer, you want to be sure not to block any vents or controls.

7. Empty your ice maker

If your ice tastes funny, try empyting out your storage container and starting new. Whe you think about it, the ice at the top of the dispenser is always the first to get used while the ice on the bottom sits there for long periods and can become “stale”. Empty the entire container periodically and try refilling it from the bottom up to make sure all the ice stays fresh and all gets used in a reasonable amount of time. 

8. Cool down food before storing it

Putting hot or still steaming food in your fridge will raise the unit’s temperature, making the appliance work harder to stabilize the temperature it is set to. While food safety is essential, allow your food to cool off before storing it in your refrigerator.

If you’re having other issues with your refrigerator or need an expert to maintenance it for you, our team is happy to help. Book your service today for those local to the Lancaster, Chester, and Delaware counties.

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