5 Simple Steps to Clean Your Dishwasher

Cleaning a dishwasher comes low on our list of favorite chores, but it is one that is often overlooked but can really but an impact. If your dishwasher isn’t clean, your dishes won’t be either. Gross! 

While some people think that dishwashers are regularly cleaning themselves, the reality is, they’re not. Pieces of food, grease, mineral build-up, and other grime get left in your dishwasher. Not only do they leave unpleasant odor but this junk can leave spots and marks on your “clean dishes.” That means that if you don’t clean your dishwasher regularly, your appliance won’t be doing its best work. Left without maintenance, your dishwasher can also get seriously damaged, ultimately resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

So what’s the right way to clean your dishwasher? We’re breaking down five ways to get it sparkling clean like new. Ready to get to cleaning?

Step 1: Remove lose leftovers

Try to get into a habit of removing any remaining pieces of food after each and every dishwashing cycle. Remove the bottom rack and look for any leftover food that may have fallen into the well. Simply remove them with a paper towel to prevent odors and future build-up.

Step 2: Wipe it down

Using a damp sponge or washcloth, wipe away any residue or sticky spots that may have splashed or settled in your appliance. Check the door’s interior surface, its door edges, handle, and the dishwasher controls for substances that need to be removed.

Step 3: Check your filter

When it comes to filters, it’s pretty straightforward. If your filter isn’t clean, your dishes won’t be either. Be sure to unlock and remove the filter found below the bottom spray arm and rinse it under hot running water every few weeks. With a soft toothbrush, you should scrub the mesh screen and plastic frame of the filter to remove anything that may be stuck in the crevices. Once it’s clean and rinsed thoroughly, lock it back into place. And if you’re unsure where your machine’s filter is located, you can check the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for details.

Step 4: Cleanse with a solution

Regardless of the detergent you use, trapped particles, mineral build-up, and detergent residue are inevitable. To clean those us, a solution run through your appliance can be helpful. Cleaning tablets that dissolve food bits and greasy residue are what you want to use, like those from Cascade and Affresh. We do recommend you read the instructions before using a cleaning tablet though since some can’t run in the same cycle as dishes or other detergents.

Step 5: Remember the exterior

Fingerprints, smudges, and other dirt easily stand out on stainless steel appliances. Use a stainless steel cleaner to shine up your dishwasher door and exterior. Whatever you choose to do to wipe down the outside, be sure to stay away from abrasive cleaners or pads that can leave scratches or marks. 

If you have other questions about maintenance for your dishwasher or need it serviced, our team is happy to help. For those in the Lancaster, Chester, and Delaware Counties, contact Bear Service today

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